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  1. @Anhare, thanks a lot for your comment.
    Staggered grid is a way to say that the scalar variables (pressure, temperature, turbulence kinetic energy and its dissipation) are located at the center of the control volume, while the velocity components are located at center of the control volume faces. So, the velocities grids are staggered relatively to the other scalars grids. Look at figure here http://www.abbesazzi.com/la-methode-des-volumes-finis-%E2%80%93-04/
    This technic was adopted earlier to avoid the checkerboard problem. But with the Rhie & chow interpolation we can use a non-staggered grid which is much simple and easier to handle when creating the numerical code.
    Hope this is useful for you

  2. hi
    First I want to thank you for this site which is very well presented ,I want to know the definition of a staggered mesh and when we can used.
    thank you in advance