Abbes_Azzi_02I am Mechanical Engineer with a background of computational heat transfer and turbulence modelling.

My current research interest is focused on Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD), Heat transfer, Turbulence modelling and Environmental modelling including pollution dispersion and air quality. The most part of my publications and communications are related to film cooling computations.

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 Research activity;

(Magister, 1992): My first contact with the world of Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) was in frame of the Magister thesis. During this research, I wrote my first Fortran code resolving the 2D Navier-Stokes Equations by using finite difference schemes. The application was to investigate laminar fluid flow into a wavy tube by using psi-omega transformation. This work was done in collaboration with Prof. Michel Daguenet, head of ‘the Laboratory of Thermodynamics and energy of the University of Perpignan.

(PhD thesis, 2001): During this period, I had very close collaboration with Dr. Lakehal Djamel (Ascomp, Suisse) using the 3D Navier-Stokes in-house code (Fast3D) and more precisely on implementing and using two-layer and EASM turbulence models. We did also many implementations relating to bounded convective schemes. The application was mainly on Gas Turbine Film Cooling. In frame of this research I collaborate intensively with Prof.  B. A. Jubran (U Reyrson Canada) and Dr. G. Theodoridis (AIAS, Greece).

(Post-Doc, 2005): During this year, I was invited by Prof. O. Métais to spend one year post-doc training at MOST team (LEGI, Grenoble, France). The financial support was provided by the AUF (Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie).  The topic of the research was on Large Eddy Simulation for compressible fluid flow. I worked on implementing buoyancy forces into the in-house code (Compress) and then running some applications related to fire in tunnels.

(Sabbatical year, 2010): This was my last long stay abroad and was at M2P2 Laboratory (Marseille). I was invited by P. Bontoux, Prof. C. Rey and Dr. S. Viazzo to work on convective thermo fluid instabilities. During this stay, I used the in-house code ALTHERM-2D for direct numerical simulation of backward facing step flow heated at bottom wall (Mixed convection).

(ANSYS, ICEM, CFX and Fluent):During several periods of my research activities, I got good experience using the CFD (ICEM, CFX and Fluent) part of ANSYS commercial code. I realized many applications such as multiphasic flows, free surface flows, rotating frames, interaction of fluid-structure and others.

Development: Actually, I am engaged in the development of an in-house 3D Navier-Stokes code, which is now in moderate stage of realization. I have lot of fun using Fortran, C/C++ and Qt to do amazing thinks with computers. A description of the code can be found at www.abbesazzzi.com

(Research Laboratory): Actually I am head of research team (Turbulence andenvironement modeling)) into the (Laboratoire Aero Hydrodynamique Navale, LAHN) Laboratory. I am also responsible of a CNEPRU research project (Instabilites & Turbulence) and national research project (PNR:Air Pollution & Quality).


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